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Naturism, Massage and Antonio

A little about me, my name is Antonio, I have been a massage therapist, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and have also been practicing Acupressure for over 20 years.

I first got into massage when I had to give up being an Electrician for health reasons, due to the build up of anxiety, panic attacks, which as some of you know can manifest themselves into lots different symptoms, agoraphobia, impending doom, etc, basically taking over your life. So I realised that it was time to re-evaluate my life. Massage helped in the calming process and took it upon myself to change my whole life structure. I decided to take a massage course which incorporated aromatherapy, acupressure and the use of essential oils in the treatment of certain conditions, the diagnosis for conditions was to use oriental practices, yin and yang, colouring / coating of the tongue and other diagnostics, to help find a solution to the conditions / problems.


I have been a nudist since my teens, my first encounter with nudist movement was with a Club in Kent. I really enjoyed my first day there. On the day of my arrival there was a local Camera Club in the grounds, photographing four nude models. At first I thought this was an everyday occurrence and thought wow, I'll be down EVERY weekend. On realising it was a private event, I had a word with the Camera Club Chairman, explaining how I had travelled all the way from Hertfordshire AND, I happened to have my SLR with me, as you do, he discussed it with the other members and I was invited to join in for a fee of five pounds. A great first day into the world of naturism.

Since that first day I was hooked in the world of nudism, what a great feeling. I explored all the different aspects of naturism, from the nudist clubs near to my home to nude beaches in the United Kingdom. My first naturist beach was on the Isle of Sheppey near to Southend, very muddy and the only nudists appeared to be men in their 50's. But it didn't deter me, I'd heard there was a nudist beach in Bournemouth and luckily the local Italian club in St Albans had organised a trip to Bournemouth. I spent the whole day walking from one end of Bournemouth beach to the other but, not a sign anyone nude anywhere on the beach. Being young I was slightly apprehensive in asking anyone about a naturist beach in the area and maybe wherever I'd heard it from might have got it wrong. A rather disappointing day.

Members of The British Naturist Association and Naturist Club members are most welcome