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Naturist Spa and Massage Centre - Royston - Massage Therapists

Masseuses at the Royston Spa

At present we have nine female massage therapists at the Royston massage centre/spa

Our masseuse Angie is an early thirties brunette, Angie works on a Monday with Sophia, Thursday with Maria and on a Friday with Vivienne, and she also coveres alternate Saturdays.

Our therapist Jessica is late twenties with black hair, Jessica works on a Tuesday with Crystal and Wednesdays with Crystal.

Roxanne is early twenties, brunette and is taking some time out at the present moment

Massage therapist Crystal is early thirties, Crystal works on a Tuesday and Wednesday with Jessica and Saturdays and someSundays

Our massage therapist Maria is 28 years old and blonde, Maria works on a Thursday with Angie and covers when the other therapists are not in.

Our new masseuse Alessia has started here at the workshop spa and is covering Sundays. Alessia will also be abaliable for cover.

Our Naturist masseuse Vivienne is working on Fridays with Angie

For those of you who would like a four-handed massage, see which days your prefered therapists are on and you can either book by calling 01763 243 480 or you can book by text, texting 07429429565


Roxanne, Jessica and Sophia


Jessica, Sophia and Cindy


Crystal, Maria and Jessica


Maria, Roxanne and either Crystal/Vivienne


Cindy, Crystal and Vivienne


Crystal, Roxanne, Sophia or Cindy (Call on the day to see which two therapists are working)


Crystal, Cindy, Vivienne or Roxanne (Call on the day to see which two therapists are working)

Naturist masseuses

All photos of our naturist therapists are all genuine images, and have all been taken by our resident photographer Antonio.

Also that they are totally nude...yes the masseuses are totally naked, because this is a naturist massage centre naturist spa.

Back to the naked masseuses, how can we forget them, yes the photographs on the site reflect the part of the environment here at The Workshop, I say part of the environment because the naturist section is only part of the Workshop, in other sections of the Workshop, we have a photographic studio to rent and the massage rooms can be rented on an hourly basis and we also have the Sauna and Jacuzzi.

If the masseuses were to massage in underwear or stockings and suspenders then we would have pictures of them in their undies, but they don't wear anything, apart from a smile, the only thing they will have on when massaging you, will be relaxing music.