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  • Tantric therapist Valentina
  • Female therapist Angie
  • Masseuse Gemma

Angie and Valentina offer Four handed massage at the naturist spa Royston Hertfordshire

Double Massage

We offer a nude four handed massage session, this session is available from either two female therapists or a male and female therapist. The male therapist is Antonio, and the female therapists will be whoever is on that day please call on the day to see which female therapists are working.

The session is performed on a comfortable hydraulic massage table. Scented or non-scented top grade base oil is used, if you have a preference please tell the masseuses/masseur.

You can have a half hour massage session, three quarters of an hour or an hour. The tantric massage is also available with two female massage therapists

Prices for our Double Massage sessions are below.

Massage Sessions All prices are in pounds
1/2 Hour 60
1/2 Hour Four Handed 100
3/4 Hour 75
3/4 Hour Four Handed 125
1 Hour 90
1 Hour Four Handed 150
3/4 Hour Tantric 100
1 Hour Tantric 120
1 Hour Tantric Two Therapists 220
Thank you, thank you for the most wonderful day!
I can scarcely believe how good I feel.The kindness, empathy, sense of playfulness and naturalness I enjoyed with you three made me feel like a friend. I will return and soon I hope. V x