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Naturist Spa and Massage Centre - Royston - Tantric Massage

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Angie in the tantric room


Experience bliss

Tantric massage is highly sensual and erotic and can heighten stimulation. The sensual tantric massage can be used to heighten your level of arousal.

The soothing, flowing strokes of Tantra can provide relief for both you and your partner from nervous tension and is also able to raise the intimacy levels between two people.

If you feel tantric massage would be right for you and your partner, then contact us here at The Workshop and enquire. Our friendly receptionists will be only too happy to help you.

The right atmosphere

Here at The Workshop, we strive to make sure your tantric experience is conducted in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. This will enable you to practice the ancient art without hurry or anxiety. Our Tantric masseuses and masseur are fully qualified and experienced to ensure that your time at the Workshop brings you all the pleasure you desire. The atmosphere in our session means it is very easy for you to develop complete relaxation via the right oils, soft music, candles, comfy cushions and, of course, our lovely masseuses.


Our concluding aim is for our clients to become fully in control of themselves, and to learn the techniques and philosophies of Tantra, which in turn helps to enhance your entire bodily experience with us.

Mutual ecstasy with your loved one

Our tantric massage services will provide you with a number of techniques you can use in your personal life. The Tantric Massage includes an entire body experience which can be extremely erotic and sensual and thus, bring you the ultimate bliss. You will be able to reach a state of ecstasy either on your own with one of our masseuses, or masseur, or of course, mutual ecstasy can also be reached with a partner.

The sessions run in a typical order but can be scheduled to incorporate more of anything that will help service your individual needs.

Want to learn Tantric Massage?

Teaching Tantra at the workshop will be scheduled to include all of the above mentioned. Come along as a couple, or a single, and you can learn either one-to-one or in groups, whichever you prefer. We will talk to you about your needs over the telephone when you enquire.

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Video still from a massage session
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Training can be given as Antonio is a Member of the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, the International Institute of Holistic Therapies. Also a member of the Register of Qualified Aromatherapists, and a member of the International Institute of Registered Massage Therapists. He has many years...more...


I've never been to a naturist spa before and I know I asked lots of questions before I came, you were probably fed up with me, but I had a great time, everyone was so friendly and you Antonio were so accommodating. thank you. Next time I will book a massage.