Four Handed Massage


For an unforgettable massage experience with two therapists

4-hand massage

Ever walked into a massage spa and thought, "Two hands are nice, but what this back REALLY needs is an octopus"?

Well, worry not!

At the workshop, we offer a four hands massage. For those who are blissfully unaware, this wonderful approach to tension relief is exactly what it sounds like - not one, but two therapists dedicated to untangle the knots of your weary muscles simultaneously.

relaxing experience

Now, slinking into the heart of relaxation with a four hands massage might seem like a pampering extravaganza reserved for Egyptian pharaohs or particularly spoiled cats, but it's surprisingly accessible.

Imagine the sensation of four hands kneading away the stress of those never-ending Zoom meetings or the horror of that "Reply All" email that was definitely not meant for everyone. Pure bliss!

benefits a four hands massage can give you

But before you start practicing your most relaxed face in the mirror, let's explore together the numerous benefits a four hands massage can give you.

From the symphony of synchronised strokes promising to melt your muscles to the undeniable truth that two masseuses can keep each other company while you snore away your worries.

Better circulation, fewer stress gremlins, and a sleep so good that even Sleeping Beauty might get jealous, it's time to get ready for the four hands massage experience!

What is a four hands massage?

Imagine trying to pat your head and rub your belly, now upgrade that with trained professionals turning your body into a symphonic orchestra of relaxation - that's the four hands massage.

It's like having a duo of masseuse ninjas attack stress from every angle. A regular massage? No comparison.

With four hands, your brain can't keep up, leading you to swirl into a decadent abyss of tranquillity.

We're talking about the delightfully indulgent four-handed massage, performed by two massage therapists who are so in sync, you'd think they share a brain.

Performed by two massage therapists

Just surrender to the pampering prowess of this fantastic masseuse duo. Your blood circulation will thank you, and your body will feel like it's been on a holiday while you were lying flat on your back. Win-win!

Our four handed naked massage is an incredible experience. It allows two of our practitioners to work over your entire body.

You will find this massage more relaxing than one single therapist, because, to have two therapists is total bliss.

Whenever a four handed massage session begins, both practitioners will start with a breathing techique to ground you.

This session is available from either two female therapists or a male and female therapist.

massage styles and your needs

The connection between practitioners can be felt by you as you relax during the session. The variety of styles used depends on your needs, this allows for your individualised care.

During these sessions the pressures and pace will vary to accomodate how your body is reacting to the touch. Not only does it help your physical needs, but the relaxation from this amazing experience can help you with emotional well-being as well.

Come and book a session, you are worth it.

This treatment is available as a full body massage, or as a tantric massage. Pure massage grade coconut oil is used in all our treatments.

The sessions start from half hour for the full body massage and, from three quarters of an hour for the tantric.