Sophia Naked Massage Therapist

at The Workshop Naturist Spa

Sophia our naturist therapist is a size 10 late twenties brunette

Sophia has been practising naked massage for over six years, and specialises in deep tissue, Swedish massage. She has alsp studied Indian Head Massage at a college in Luton Bedfordshire. Sophia has also worked at a beauty Spa in Central London for a couple of years, before coming to the workshop. She also works at our sister company in St Albans, Naturist Massage St Albans on a Thursday.

As with all our massage therapists, sophia like to keep fit and frequently goes to a gym near Letchworth Garden City, wich is not far from Stevenage, with Jessica and Roxanne. While living in Italy with their stricter laws on nudity on public beaches than in nudist beaches in Spain where it legal to be nude on beaches as long as you don't start flaunting yourself around. It was a slight issue to get an all over tan. So Sophia moved to Spain for two years where she enjoyed getting naked.

Studland beach is a beautiful part of the UK and we will hope to be over there on a more regular basis in 2020. Antonio

Customer Review

Hi Antonio

Just on the off chance, While I was having my massage yesterday with Sophia, we were talking about keeping fit at the gym. Could you ask her if she wants some company next time she goes there, as I go to the same one and maybe we could grab a coffee after. J

Hi J

I will pass the message on. Antonio