Tantric or Erotic Massage

The key differences in these two therapies

Tantric or erotic massage, which is for you?

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Tantric massage is often confused with erotic massage, but they have very distinct differences in their approach and intent. Let me try and explain the tantric service we offer here at the workshop naturist spa.

What is Tantric Massage?

Originating from ancient Tantric practices, the primary goal of a tantric massage is to awaken and distribute sensual energy across the body, it is not to elicit sexual pleasure.

It's a spiritual practice incorporating breathing techniques, meditation, and specific massage strokes to enhance connection and expand consciousness.

The primary focus is on prolonging sensations for spiritual growth and healing, aiming to achieve a state of enlightenment or higher spiritual awareness.

Neo Tantra (Erotic Massage)

Erotic massage, or by its other name neo-tantra, on the other hand, is primarily aimed at stimulating sexual arousal and gratification.

It focuses on the body's erogenous zones with the intention of achieving sexual pleasure and climax.

While it can be a deeply satisfying and intimate experience, it emphasises immediate physical pleasure rather than broader spiritual or healing goals.

In conclusion

The key differences are mainly in the intent behind each practice. While tantric massage focuses on spiritual and emotional healing and connection, aiming to awaken and distribute sensual energy, erotic massage targets immediate sexual arousal and pleasure.

While both may involve similar massage techniques, tantra incorporates additional elements such as meditation, breathwork, and ritual to enhance the spiritual and emotional connection.

Understanding these differences will help you decide on your personal goal. Whether you seek deeper spiritual connection or sexual gratification. What both practices, I believe, have in common is relaxation.

At the Workshop, we feel we provide a true tantric experience.

Thank you for reading this far. Antonio

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