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Tantric Massage - The Art of Sensual and Erotic Massage

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a spiritual practice. Tantra translates to weaving, bringing together universal energy, to weave together universal energy.

Tantrism connects our physical and spiritual self to the energy in the universe, done correctly the sexual energy released can be both sensual and erotic, you will become more in tune with your body and mind and over time you will begin to understand your body more and more, fulfilling bodily spiritual pleasures.

As you practice tantra you will be more physically and spiritually in the moment.

Tantra can incorporate yoni massage and lingam massage.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage, a therapy to heal.

One of the most beautiful things most of us are blessed with is the ability to experience immeasurable euphoric pleasure sensations with our bodies and mind.

Unfortunately for some of us negative experiences in the challenges of life has left us unable to fully appreciate the full capacity of what our mind and bodies are capable of, this untapped pleasure is usually suppressed and/or blocked.

Over time this erotic massage treatment will help you to reconnect to the whole you, and should help you to enjoy all of the pleasures that nature has bestowed upon us.

Is this massage a full body treatment?

This type of massage is a full body treatment.

All of your body will get touched. The therapy can be Sensual and Erotic. This is not a happy ending type of massage though. The goal is not to orgasm/ejaculate, this might happen but the focus is to have all of your body to feel the same pleasure as when you are reaching climax. As you are touched, as the massage strokes caress your body, let the feeling travel to other parts of your body, and do not focus on any particular point.

There are a lot of sensual pressure points on your body, in particular as most of us are aware is the groin area, when we are touched here, we tend to focus on the next stroke in that area. With Tantric massage we let the energy created around that area expand through the rest of our body, let your body pay attention to all feelings.

Correct breathing plays a big role in helping you to connect with the wonderful sensations. Whatever emotions you feel let them happen, don't block any feelings, if you want to cry then cry, as you do feel your body's reactions and sensations, you should be completely open to anything happening with your body and mind, if you feel an arousal, let it happen, the therapist is there to help you, he or she will be aware. They are the catalyst to the universal energy connecting with your body, mind and spirit.

In this therapy, the chakras play a major part in the sensuality of the massage. In your enlightened state you will discover more about your own body and pleasure zones you never knew existed. Done correctly the touch will take you to another level of awareness.

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