Tantra Masseuse Scarlett


For a truly genuine tantric experience

How do my tantric massage therapy sessions start?

My Tantra massage therapy sessions are a holistic approach to healing that seeks to rejuvenate and awaken our higher selves. As an ancient spiritual-healing practice, it is geared towards helping those who find themselves overburdened by the obligations of modern life, and feel heavily laden with physical, mental or emotional heaviness.

This treatment is not to be confused with body to body massage.

We start with balanced bodywork techniques, tantric exploration practices, and spiritual guidance.

This form of therapy offers us a way to reconnect with our true authentic nature, restoring emotional and physical health and allowing us to tap into our subconcious.

Tantra and breathing

Central to Tantra massage therapy is breath work and connection exercises, both these allowing us to tune into our own bodies while also deepening our connection with each another. This process enables us to undo energetic blockages within the body together with any subconscious patterns that are keeping us stuck in dysfunction suffering.

Unblocking energy with tantra

Through this powerful release process we can uncover old wounds that have become embedded in the body's tissues, stored muscular tension or emotional resistance allowing us to let go of negative feelings and replace them with positive ones instead.

The ultimate goal

Ultimately Tantra massage not only provides relaxation but also unlocks creativity, increases libido, deepens intimacy in relationships, helps build trust and acceptance of oneself.

Come and enjoy my massage in Royston Hertfordshire.

I'm available here at the Workshop Thursdays and most weekends.