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Massage Therapist Jessica

Hi I'm Jessica, Welcome to my page

During my basic bodywork treatments, I use gentle kneading and circular motions along your back, neck, arms and legs. This helps loosen tightness in the muscles, while improving circulation.

I may also use gentle stretching of your limbs in order to release trigger points and increase your range of motion.

Pressure will vary according to your sensitivity levels; typically lighter pressure will be applied for relaxation purposes whereas deeper pressure is used for those who need more therapeutic relief.

The session will be customised to fit your needs in order to make you feel comfortable throughout your treatment.

I specialise in nuru and tantric massage

Although nuru massage is difficult at the workshop at present

jessica is one of our naturist massage therapists at the workshop royston spa

Customer Review

I have visited twice to see Jessica. What an angel she is - providing as near to complete ecstasy as can be imagined! The surroundings and atmosphere are lovely - difficult to criticise anything. Jonathan

Jessica's massage prices

Half hour massage £60

One Hour Full Body Massage £90

Tantric massage - Prices start at £100 for 3/4 of an hour - Please call me for longer sessions

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