Swedish Full Body Massage with Cindy


at The Workshop Naturist Massage and Spa

Massage therapist Cindy

I first met Cindy about 15 years ago when she booked an appointment with me as she was having trouble sleeping. A friend of hers had recommended me. We did several sessions using Aromatherapy oils, shiatsu and Chinese Diagnosis of the underling condition. Also some deep tissue massage for the niggling pain in her lower back. The techniques worked and she went back to enjoying a full night’s sleep again.


She enjoyed the sessions so much that she decided to take a massage course. We kept in touch over the years and exchanged massage techniques together. Cindy has now been a Massage Therapist for over ten years. Studying Swedish massage to ITEC level. When she lived in West London. On moving to Hertfordshire, She worked as a mobile practitioner surrounding areas, St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City.

Coming to the workshop spa

About 4 years ago Cindy called me to see if she could work a couple of days at the workshop. I welcomed her with open arms. Her massage technique was brilliant. Not only did Cindy have the skills but she also was very attentive during the session. It makes all the difference when the therapist massaging you is mentally in the room with you.
A good massage experience
I think we’ve all experienced someone going through the motions but you can feel that they not there with you. You can read about my full body massage experience here. (link to follow)

On another plus note, Cindy loved the idea of waking around naked, she felt so liberated and took her massage sessions to another level.

Her Swedish Massage treatments are fantastic. As I said, I've had a few from her. Cindy also practices Deep Tissue (Prices from £70) and Tantric Massage (Prices from £110).
cindy our massage therapist at the workshop royston
Cindy at the workshop naturist spa