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Naturist Spa and Massage Centre - Roysto - FAQ


The Naturist Spa FAQ

Your first visit

On your first visit to our spa. You should tell the therapsit of any medical conditions you may have, or if your are on any medications. Also tell the therapist of any skin conditions, recent scars (under 18 months old) and of any moles that bleed etc.If you are unsure and have any health issues then we would advise you consult your doctor first.

We have a list of contra-indications, this list gives some general advice of when a massage is not appripriate. This list is by no means exhaustive, So if there are ANY concerns you may have we urge you to consult your General Practitioner.

How do I pay for my massage session?

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. You can also pay with cash. We do not accept cheques.

I am worried about getting aroused, will this be a problem?

Sometimes men might get an erection during full body massage. Touching parts of the body can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, (the parasympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system, the other being the sympathetic nervous system) this can result in the client getting a semi erection or complete erection.This is not a problem for our therapists, but if you feel concerned then wearing underwear might help with any erection issues.

When you are having your massage session and you are not comfortable being naked on the massage table then ask the therapist to cover you, she will cover you with a towel and only expose the part of of your body that he or she is
working on.

Should I talk or keep quiet during the massage?

It is totally up to you, if you want to talk with the massage therapist to help you to get comfortable, that's fine. Music will be playing in the background, if you want complete silence then tell the therapist and they will turn the music off

Can I just use the facilities?

If you wish to come over and just use the Sauna and Hot Tub then there will be a nominal fee to cover running costs, towels and shower are included.

We are a couple, can we come to the Spa together?

Couples are more than welcome, a half hour massage for couples is £90 for both and that is for half an hour each. We do longer sessions.