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Dear Antonio, I have visited your Workshop in Royston and the sister place in St Albans a couple of times and can honestly tell you that I have never found a better naturist massage service elsewhere. I wish there was as a good a service near where I live between Reading and Maidenhead, but there isn't. In addition to yourself, I have met Angie and Vivienne in Royston, and Gemma in St Albans, all wonderful in their different ways.

What prompts me to write to you now is that I see on your web site that Vivienne is with you on Fridays and Sunday - currently just on Fridays it seems. Is this the same Vivienne that gave me a massage I shall never forget at your Workshop several years ago, I wonder? I even gave her a lift to Royston railway station, at her request.

A short while after that, I wrote to you hoping to rebook her. You kindly replied very promptly, but only to tell me she had had to return home for personal reasons. If memory serves me well, she came from Estonia. She was a truly wonderful girl, very kind to me, and I should love to book another massage with her if the same Vivienne is with you now. Royston is a long way away for me to go for a massage, I never pass or go there for any other reason. I would however make an exception for her, so much did I enjoy her company. Please let me know if she is the same lovely person. I wonder if she also offers her services in places nearer to where I live, perhaps in St Albans where Gemma gave me such a great introduction to naturist massage. She was my first naturist masseuse, totally brilliant. As I have said, I have tried but failed to find anyone as good near where I live. None of them are naturists, in fact they will not undress, and many of them show little understanding of the importance of making a client feel welcome and special, as your therapists do. I am sure a lot of the credit should go to you, so whether I see you again or not, thank you for the happy memories. I wish you well. Kind regards, M
Vivienne masseuse

Vivenne enjoying the sun

Customer Review

I am John I was there this evening i had a tantra session with Vivienne. I had an awesome time today with Vivienne! She gave a very relaxing and pleasing massage! I will definitely be back again. Next time for a four handed massage. I just had one question who was the other woman with the British accent? Was she another masseuse? If so please let me know. Would love to have a massage by her as well she had a lovely accent. :)

Thank you, J

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