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Naturist Spa and Massage Centre - Royston - Tantra Therapist Sophia

Sophia at the workshopSophia our naturist therapist is a size 10 late twenties brunette


Sophia has been practising massage for over six years, and specialises in deep tissue, Swedish massage. While living in Italy with their stricter laws on nudity on public beaches than in nudist beaches in Spain where it legal to be nude on beaches as long as you don't start flaunting yourself around. It was a slight issue to get an all over tan. So Sophia moved to Spain for two years where she injoyed getting naked.


Sophia has been with us ( Vivienne, Crystal, Cindy and myself, Antonio) to Studland beach in Poole


Studland beach is a beautiful part of the UK and we will hope to be over there on a more regular basis in 2020. Antonio